Image Editing – An Introduction

Wish you could edit your digital images like a Pro? Adobe Certified Expert instructor Paul Kelly will give you a solid overview of what your options are, from free image editors that are already on your computer, to the more powerful industry standard programs from Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements) and Affinity Photo (Mac, Windows and iPad). No matter what image editor you plan to use, there are core concepts you should understand.

This 3 hour POWER Talk will cover concepts like File Size, Resolution, RGB/CMYK, the importance of having a NON-destructive workflow, preserving your original and a discussion about the available Export options.

You’re welcome to bring your laptop, but you don’t need one for this talk. You also aren’t required to download any software. This session is meant to help you decide exactly which software you’d like to use to edit your images. There will be future sessions dedicated to learning the specific program that is best suited to you.

Tickets are $30 (+hst) – available on Eventbrite, pay at the door or by e-transfer to