Import PDF Comments

Sending a PDF to a client for comments is now routine. Then there’s the routine of copying and pasting those edits into the original InDesign document… NO MORE! You can now import comments made on a PDF exported from the same InDesign document that will actually edit the text in that document.

File > Import PDF Comments

  • or Window > PDF Comments, then click the ‘Import PDF Comments’
  • Navigate to the PDF from the client that includes comments. You also go to the panel menu and choose ‘Import PDF Comments’ to import comments from other PDFs!

Hide/Show Comments on Layout

  • Relax. Nothing has changed in your document yet. You can hide/show these comments by clicking the ‘eye’ icon in the bottom left corner of the panel
  • Like in Acrobat Pro, clicking a comment in the panel to goes to the location of the comment in the document
  • After reviewing a comment, you can choose to ‘check it off’ as Resolved or Delete it by clicking the ‘Trash’ icon

  • Text Annotations – if the PDF has been ‘marked up’ properly [not just sticky notes], it’s possible to apply those edits directly into your document by clicking ‘Accept’ which actually makes the change in the document [maybe ‘Save As’ at this point]
  • Filter Comments – exactly like in Acrobat Pro, if you’d like to filter comments [by Status, Type or PDF they came from] click the icon that looks like a funnel